Diabetes and benefits for diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 types, subsidized medicines, the disabled, children

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benefits to patients with diabetes mellitusunfortunately, not all patients with diabetes know that by law the state must provide them with helpful drugs. In addition, diabetics who have a disability are eligible for a full "social package". That is, along with medications to get your free ticket for treatment in the sanatorium at least once in three years.

of Course, everyone is legally entitled to refuse from social package and receive an additional allowance in money from the state. In this case, it is better to think which is better: the extra penny, which will not cover the cost of buying even a small portion of the drugs that you need, or to obtain expensive drugs in full from the budget?


Benefits in diabetes people with disabilities who receive a disability?

benefits for people with diabetesthe Decision on disability depending on the severity of the disease is made on the basis of medical-social expertise. Direction to the organs of examination given by your doctor. Although each may insist on this myself. The doctor you have no right to refuse. Your only desire will be specified in the direction.

the Fact that you are sick, you do not have permission to obtain the status of a disabled person. Disability given the functional disorders which lead to disability. In diabetes mellitus there are different criteria. They are characteristic for diabetics of the first type and second.

the Disability of the first group give seriously ill, those who have retinopathy (blind both eyes), neuropathy (persistent ataxia or paralysis), diabetic encephalopathy with vivid mental disturbances, heart failure, stage 3, heavy the angiopathy of lower extremities (gangrene, diabetic foot), end-stage chronic kidney failure, frequent coma. Such patients need constant help because they do not have opportunities to serve themselves and move independently.

the Disability of the second group when diabetes is given to those who do not always require care of loved ones. Dysfunction of affected organs was expressed, but to a lesser extent than the applicants in the first group. They have 2-3 stages of retinopathy, end-stage ESRD adequate dialysis, neuropathy, 2nd degree, persistent encephalopathy with mental changes.

the Disabilities of the third group determine with mild and moderate disease severity and moderate disabilities, which lead to the restriction of movement, work. That is, in any case of violation of expressed. If you offset the symptoms of diabetes without using insulin, the disability doesn't give you. Children with the disease type 1 (those who depend on insulin) without a given disability group.

in order To most accurately represent what the first diabetes and what is type 2 note that both views can be supported by insulin. Disease first type is life. Patients disease this type have to inject insulin several times a day with meals. Without proper treatment, coma may occur. In the second case, the insulin can be produced independently if the patient to follow a diet and lead an active lifestyle. It should be noted that the disease of type 2 are less predictable. Sometimes the disease remains unnoticed.


is it Possible to get subsidised medicines for diabetes, not having a disability?

diabetes discounted drugsbe that As it may, regardless of any disability, any patient type 1 and 2 qualifies for free insulin and other hypoglycemic preferential medicines, syringes for injection.

a Diabetic type 1 may require hospitalization and referral for consultation to a specialized center. As for the disabled, he in addition to discounted drugs receives a disability pension.

Children with diabetes and pregnant women are entitled to free insulin pen and glucose monitors with touch-strips on them.


Benefits for diabetes type 2

by the Way, blood glucose meters and their components, on the privilege, can receive patients type 1 and 2 requiring insulin. Consumables for blood glucose meters are calculated so that they could provide the analysis three times per day.

If patients with type 2 diabetes do not need insulin, they must receive the test strips. Their state guarantees in the amount of one piece a day. By the way, among the beneficiaries who do not need insulin support, there are exceptions. Visually impaired can rely on the glucometer and consumables on once a day to it from the budget of the country. The state allows diabetics to receive social services especially suitable the occasion. In particular, the right to social rehabilitation opportunities for learning and training, sports, rehabilitation for children and adolescents in camps and the like.


Benefits diabetes type 1

All patients with type 1 diabetes mandatory receive all the necessary medications and tools to measure blood sugar. If necessary, the government provides services at home by social workers. Most often, patients with type 1 diabetes become disabled. So they can enjoy all of the benefits allotted to this category.

by the Way, almost all medicines for diabetes are included in the preferential list. If upon receipt of a disability has been recommended in the expert Committee medication that is not among the free, and such a drug you can get through benefits.

Quantity of pharmaceuticals that, in the case of type 1, with the second, as determined by the attending physician. Therefore the pharmacist will give you exactly as much as indicated in the recipe.

the Recipe that you prescribed by a doctor, is time barred. If it is an ordinary medication, you can go to the pharmacy in a month. A prescription for narcotic substances is updated every five days. On medication with psychotropic substances the prescription is valid within 2 weeks. If the doctor wrote in the prescription "CITO" (urgent), in pharmacy you have to give the medicine in stock, but no later than within 10 business days.


Benefits for children with diabetes

benefits for children with diabetesChildren are a special category of diabetics. Every year they have the right to be treated in sanatoriums, including treatment parents. Thus, not only the sick child but also the parent, if there is a referral from the hospital can drive to the resort and back for free. Tickets for the benefit to them, as the train, and other modes of transport should provide in the first place.

Parents need to know that the care allowance for a sick child up to 14 years, including a stay with a child in the medical center, if there is a recommendation of doctors, should be in average earnings.


What are the documents that give the right to benefits in diabetes?

To receive all privileges, put in diabetes, you need to have a document that is issued to any patient, or his representative center or the Department of diabetology at the place of residence. On the basis of this document, the Executive authorities must provide all benefits required by law.