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Dry medical statistics relentlessly shows that the number of people who become ill diabetes, increases from year to year. This means that most of them have a lifetime insulinsoderjath drugs and everything must adhere to a special diet (No. 9). The basis of this diet are those foods that do not increase the blood sugar levels and help to stabilise the condition of a diabetic. For example, the pepper belongs to the list of foods permitted in diabetic patients.

Peppers diabetes

Peppers (red and yellow) is an indispensable storehouse of vitamins (A, E, B1, B2 and B6) and minerals (zinc, phosphorus,capsicum diabetes calcium, magnesium, etc.). In addition, he belongs to the first group of foods that have low calories and diabetes are allowed in unlimited quantities. Contains ascorbic acid, and therefore, regular consumption of this vegetable supports the immune system, lowers blood pressure and improves blood counts. And since many diabetic patients belong to the category of people who are overweight, for which high blood pressure is almost normal, then this property is pepper has a stabilizing effect on their condition. The structure also includes rutin, which is responsible for the condition of vessels and capillaries, providing smooth delivery of nutrients to all organs. From sweet bell peppers to prepare the juice, which is recommended to maintain the body of people suffering from complications of diabetes.

Spicy pepper diabeteshot Pepper diabetes

pepper is considered to be in folk medicine, not only a useful product but also an effective cure. Due to the fact that this vegetable contains capsaicin (the substance of a number of alkaloids), used to thin the blood, stabilize blood pressure, normalize the digestive tract. Pods hot peppers contain vitamins PP, P,B1, B2, A and P as well as carotene, iron, zinc and phosphorus. Hot pepper is indispensable in diseases of the eye, decreased immunity and nervous exhaustion. In diabetes the consumption of hot peppers you need to limit or remove completely.

Pepper (seasoning)

Pepper seasoning

it's Hard to imagine many dishes without pepper (or ground peas). This spice gives food a unique flavor vozbujdaet appetite. The consumption of pepper has a positive effect on the stomach, reduces the likelihood of blood clots. Diabetes can not be abused this seasoning, allowing themselves only from time to time to cook low-fat meat dishes or vegetable salads peppercorns.

Diet for diabetes should be balanced and varied. Pepper is the product that will help to enrich the diet of a diabetic without harm for health.