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beets in diabetesIt is believed that the beet is contraindicated for people suffering from such disease as diabetes. However, traditional healers hold the opposite opinion. In their opinion, beets is not only harmful to diabetics, but even useful. So how do you really?Can I eat beets people with complex disease?

Beet is undoubtedly one of the most useful vegetables. On its positive qualities knew a few thousand years ago. Since ancient times beet used to treat complex diseases such as rickets, anemia, hypertension, ulcers, fever, and many others. It is noteworthy that even beet juice used in the treatment of cancer.A cleansing properties of beet known to all.

This implies that the beets can have people with any disease (including diabetes mellitus). It is only important to know how and how much to consume her. As is known, in beet high content of sucrose. And it is harmful to patients with diabetes mellitus. However, all dose-dependent. In fact, a dose that may adversely affect the body diabetic is about one kilogram beet eaten at one time. But the dose is 50-100 grams, is absolutely safe for any patient.Incidentally, the caloric content of the vegetable is relatively low, which is also safe for the health of diabetics.

Beetroot is not harmful for diabetics. And even useful. It has a positive effect on blood vessels, which primarily affected with this disease. Moreover, it lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in blood.The only thing that can alert it increased sucrose content in beets, excessive use of which may adversely affect the course of the disease.

To reduce the sucrose content in beets can be a simple way & ndash; cooking. During boiling beets loses power salt deposits & ndash; purine. And it just is contraindicated for patients with diabetes.Furthermore, the sugar content of the product decreases by almost half.

Of course, among patients with diabetes, there are those who love to eat beets raw. Here is more complicated. The fact that the sugar content of root crops is very large. Furthermore, in beets and glucose abound. Therefore, to eat raw beets should be cautious. It is recommended to drink fresh juice from beet tops, not more than 200 ml per day. The very crude root is recommended to take in food in an amount of not more than 100 grams per day.