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Bee pollen
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folk medicine, there are various ways cure diabetes mellitus. In practice, quite often the way, the essence of which is eating food bee pollen, collected by bees from blossoming plants and treated them with enzymes. It contains many useful trace elements (Mn, Fe, Na, K, Cu, Ca, essential fatty acids, enzymes and vitamins) that help people to significantly strengthen his health.


Useful properties of bee pollen

Bee pollen diabetesit is Worth noting that in order prevention and treatment of diabetes, can be helpful not only clean pollen bees but propolis (which also contains some proportion bee pollen). However, despite the fact that the pollen and the propolis contains trace elements and vitamins, their use for the prevention and treatment of diabetes it is vital to discuss with your physician.

a Few words should be said about such a variety of flower pollen, as Perga, which is formed as follows. The bee delivers the collected pollen to the hive where it condense, drip on her honey and allocate it a particular enzyme, by which (at a certain temperature) is in the process of so-called preservation of pollen, i.e. pollen. In this product, some portion of the honey is converted in acid Christmas, but another part remains. Therefore, in this pollen contains sugar and for diabetic patients, thus treated pollen is contraindicated.


Consumption of

Bee pollen for diabetesAs a rule, to take the necessary pollen in powder form, gradually dissolving it. The length of the normal course of treatment lasts one month, then it can be repeated up to 3 or 4 times a year. Most importantly, in the treatment of diabetes was observed complexity and continuity. In the complex treatment must be medical and phytotherapeutic and apitherapeutical (treatment of bee products) methods. And here is a sample recipe using flower pollen, which offers folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes.

If the patient has a mild form of diabetes, you can take courses of pine pollen combined with bee pollen (2 times a day before meals for 1 St. lojke).

If the patient has moderate or severe form of diabetes, he should regularly take flower bee pollen with the addition of pine pollen (half an hour before eating, take 1 teaspoon). The treatment course duration is 5.5 years.