Bee subpestilence diabetes

Bee pollen
Royal jelly


Bee subpestilence diabetes mellitus during the research, scientists were able to prove that the use of dead in this disease how diabetes reduces sugar levels in the blood, the restoration and normalization of metabolism, improves the permeability of cell membranes. However, this action can be somewhat strengthened with the combination of Podmore with propolis, drone larvae, ground, sage, and other herbs. Also of note is the improvement of health and mood of the patient.


the Use of bee subpestilence

Bee subpestilenceAs shown, if the diabetes will make the reunion in blends herbs and bee products, then after a while they will be able to "clean up" liver from body fat. In the case of a patient on honey, it is recommended to notice olive oil.

Often in patients with diabetes mellitus there was a serious problem as atherosclerosis lower limbs. The use of subsea also allows to solve this problem, only, it again needs to be combined with propolis, herbs, bee Royal milk, pollen and massage. Podmore contribute to lowering the level of cholesterol in blood, normalization of blood improvement blood vessels, relieve inflammation, strengthen regeneration of cell tissue, as well as rebuilding of capillaries and vessels (in combination with the drone of the homogenate).

Bee subpestilence diabetesHowever, the most effective agent in the treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, is bee venom. Besides, if to put the bees in the so-called biologically active points, the beneficial effects of the poison will be further enhanced. However, in the body of the bee venom may provoke an allergic reaction with severe consequences, and self to engage in such methods is not recommended. Better entrust this procedure by a competent technician. By the way, bee subpestilence helps reduce the risk of allergic reactions to the venom of bees, but does not eliminate it completely.

According to data from the world Health Organization, diabetes is the leading position in the world among the diseases associated with partial or complete loss of vision. But you can prevent, and in some cases, vision can be partially restored through the use of bee subpestilence in combination with bee products (Royal jelly, honey, propolis) and certain herbs.