Batteries (batteries) for blood glucose meters

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Batteries for blood glucose meters
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Batteries for blood glucose metersblood Glucose meters are used to measure the level of glucose in the blood, used in diabetes mellitus. All these devices are portable, run on battery power. In some models, the power supplies after the establishment of a resource can be replaced, others to change them it is impossible, therefore, changing the whole device. This device is battery from a lithium plate which lasts, on average, four years at triple the measurements for every day, is the model Horizon from the company One Touch.


Batteries used in various models of glucose meters

In the devices of the brand Go new and the new Asset from the manufacturer Accu Chek using one battery, as well as in models of the Satellite, Clover-Check, one Touch Ultra. In Accu Chek Active are two battery. They are suitable for all models CR 2032 3V, since this is an early series of devices. People such batteries are called "tablets". For later suits battery Duracell J 7K67, voltage 6V. It is the instrument grade 2, basic from the company one Touch. Some can use finger batteries, for example, Clever Chek TD 4227 And, Bienaim Raytest.

Battery meterFor Optium, Bionime stock, Ascensia just use the battery CR 2032, 3V or equivalent. The smallest glucometers are considered to be the van Touch the Horizon, Ultra Ultrasound, freestyle Papillon mini, Gluco of Hexal, Aviva Nano, Nano Performa. Half of them has a built-in battery that cannot be replaced, the fourth part works on tablets, others on misinto. Neither the speed nor the size of the enclosure by the amount of nutrients and their quantity is not affected.

Glucometer Duo-Care from the Korean manufacturer. is a part of the tonometer, designed for mounting on the wrist. It features compact size, the blood required for the analysis of 0.5 Вµl, the result is shown after five seconds. Works from two finger batteries, which is enough, on average, for a thousand measurements, i.e. 3 to 4 months of operation. If the screen displays the battery symbol, it will be enough, at least on a week of measurements. If the icon starts to blink, it means to make a measurement will not succeed. It is necessary to use alkaline batteries.


sleep Mode in the blood glucose meters

Many devices have a built-in function in the presets which it shuts off by itself after a certain time. This occurs after the last pressing of any button, to save battery power. In glucometers, finger-operated batteries, fits loads of items.