Barley groat, barley porridge in diabetes mellitus

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Barley porridge in diabetes mellitusIt is surprising, but You can find a lot of people do not even realize that barley porridge is practically the same cereal, derivative of barley. They differ only in the way of preparation. Pearl barley is nothing else then a polished grain of selected barley grains and barley is unpolished particles milled barley kernels, too selective.

Unfortunately, in our time, these cereals are not very popular. However, it is the oldest barley cereal, which was for our ancestors, the main food - and porridge and bread, and drink. This plant has all necessary for human nutrition biologically active substances. According to the content of vitamins, minerals selection, number of enzymes and slowly digestible carbohydrates barley is the champion of champions in these categories.

Undeservedly forgotten by us barley porridge contains all the useful qualities of barley, and in addition, a record amount of fiber, among other grains. Because of this barley porridge is much slower digested by stomach, which helps cleanse the this organ.

Simple barley, pearl barley, and barley porridge has long been used in folk medicine. These broths have antispasmodic, anti-tonic effect, their use in the treatment of many diseases. Especially barley use is successfully used in case of presence of diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes is a disease, in which primarily affected the exchange of water and carbohydrates in the body. As a result, diabetics often have disorders in protein and fat metabolism, so they preferred plant food that contains a lot of fiber and few easily digestible carbohydrates. The most effective way to maintain proper blood sugar levels on normal level and prevent the complications of diabetes is observance of plan of healthy eating. Doctors strongly recommend that patients to include in their personal menu barley porridge. Barley porridge, in addition to a wide range of nutrients, which we have already said, contains up to 20% of the daily requirement of valuable vegetable protein needed to man. Due to its unique composition barley porridge is a miracle for patients that suffer from presence of diabetes mellitus.

The benefits and healing properties of barley and cereals made from it can say a lot, and the "track record" of this plant deserves endless respect. Not least in this list is the low cost of barley and pearl barley compared to other cereals. As it’s said by people, it is cheap, but cheerful. So do not give up on barley porridge, include it in your diet, and it will give health, strength and vigor to you and your body.