Banana in diabetes



banana in diabetesBananas - very nutritious fruit and sweet. Despite the fact that this delicacy contains a lot of sugar, doctors strongly recommend diabetics eat them and not to exclude them completely from your diet. However, some (mainly chronic diabetics) with this view strongly disagree. So still there or not there? Try to understand. For completely bananas are the nutritionists. Despite the fact that the small fruit includes about 23 grams of carbohydrate, he gave the body about only about 100 grams of calories. This is not much for the fruit of this size. A long time ago for vyschityvaniya of the speed with which the product of digested food is absorbed into the blood of man was created glycemic index. Accordingly, if we choose a product that has a low index, the drastic increase in blood sugar human diabetic patient is not possible. It is estimated that a medium-sized banana has a glycemic index of 51, which is very little. That is, eating them, a diabetic will not suffer from the rapid jump in blood glucose levels.

However, nutritionists advise not to eat the whole banana at once, and eat it throughout the day. Diabetics can not combine this with other fruit or sweets to eat it in fruit salads or desserts. It is best to eat fresh or dried bananas.

However, not all so happy as it seems at first glance. Supporters VS bananas much more. Still - it's sweet, but sugar is the main cause of diabetes. Moreover, that the main rule in the diet of diabetic - eliminate sugar consumption. In addition, it is difficult to digest in the body of any person. For diabetics with the severity of digestion - a real cross to the internal organs. So the body lives on the limit and spending power to ensure that banana digest, it may just be nowhere.

In addition, the glycemic index of the proverbial banana can also play havoc with diabetics. Because sugar still rise, albeit gradually, and thus hide from unpleasant feelings will not work. Especially if it c together to eat a little more of the same sweet fruits or other sweets. Suppose a diabetic eating a banana in the morning, and a piece of cake - 2-3 hours. In this case, the sugar will rise immediately and dramatically. Poor health is guaranteed.

Banana with diabetes can eat, and sometimes even necessary. But everything should be done cautiously and carefully, and, most importantly, in moderation. Take care of your health, and it will answer you the same!