Balanoposthitis diabetes

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balanoposthitis diabetesBalanoposthitis is an independent a very common disease of the skin on the penis men, which is characterized by inflammation, and in some cases, ulcerative lesions of the internal leaf and the head of the penis. We can say that this zawolanie consists of a mixed inflammatory process, it involves both the glans penis and inner foreskin. With diabetes balanoposthitis in the absence of proper treatment becomes persistent and persistent course.

most Often, balanoposthitis has a polymicrobial etiology and appears in mixed infections (streptococci, staphylococci, yeast fusospirochetal symbiosis), however, in some cases the inflammatory process in this disease may be caused by monoinfection (for example, gardnerelly). In the majority of cases, the cause of balanoposthitis is associated with infections that are transmitted primarily through sexual contact and infection happens through sexual contact. Isolated injury of the skin on the penis too can be the skin signs of systemic disease. The spread of the disease in different regions of the world largely depends on various circumstances: the culture of the population and the level of his life, health, ethnic, religious and other features. For example, balanoposthitis almost never develops in those persons who previously had been circumcised.

In many respects the development of this disease facilitated by various common diseases that weaken the normal resistance of human skin to saprofitiruyuschem flora (e.g., diabetes). In diabetes the metabolic disorders associated to this disease and create conditions for development of infectious disease on the glans penis.

the Symptoms of balanitis occurring on against diabetes, contact are characterized by increased bleeding of the skin on the glans penis, redness, appearance of sores and cracks distal with the further development of adhesions and cicatricial processes. The nature of these symptoms depends not so much on the age of the patient as the duration of the course of the main disease. The appointment of a competent anti-diabetic treatment may contribute to the stabilization and a certain regression of this inflammatory process. Despite the fact that the best predictive method for the treatment of balanoposthitis is the fulfillment of circumcision, this operation is required to conduct normal numbers of blood sugar levels.

Diagnosis of this disease is not difficult. The diagnosis is made in the process of examination of the patient to a urologist and does not require analysis. Treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.