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baking with diabetesHow important it is to follow a strict diet diabetes, know and diabetics, and their families. There are a number of products that is strictly prohibited or not recommended to the patient with diabetes mellitus. Among them, all kinds of flour products, especially products from the highest grades of wheat flour (high glycemic index). Same applies to sugar and honey as the sweetening components of any baking. Well, sweet filling (jam, sweet fruits or whole dairy products) is strictly prohibited. But if there is a choice there and then to suffer, then it is better to correctly approach the preparation of those or other forbidden treats, to the extent possible, to reduce their harm. This also applies to baking. All flour products are not recommended.

Basic principles in the manufacture of bakery products for patients with all types of diabetes:

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For diabetics best savoury product from rye flour or cakes with fried mushrooms, cheese toffee, green onions and eggs.

example prescription yeast dough: 400 g water - 500 g rye flour, or gray, about 30 grams of yeast, a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and salt to taste. Instead of sugar - stevia powder. All mix thoroughly, add the same amount of flour, knead so that the dough lagged behind the hands. Filling for pastries to choose the lowest glycemic index. Lots of onions (delicious fried or green), greens, vegetables. A moderate amount of eggs, low-fat dairy products, fruits. One small roll will delay for approximately 1 XE (bread units).

baking with diabetespasties fit the dough: 500 g of water, 700 g of flour (rye), 200 g of vegetable oil, salt, spices on taste. Instead of the usual minced meat, a great solution is the filling of roasted and powdered oyster mushrooms, braised cabbage, fried sauerkraut with onion, boiled eggs, chopped green onion, etc.. Such a small cheburek will delay 1-2 HEH.

to prepare cake flavored with fruit you must make the following dough: 90 g rye flour, 2 eggs, 400 g cottage cheese 90 g sugar substitute (xylitol or fructose), crushed nuts (walnuts or any other), a pinch of citric acid and salt. All to mix, lay out on greased baking sheet. As filling use pieces of sliced fruit. 1/10 of the pie will be about 1 HEH. The finished cakes can be poured sweetened low-fat yoghurt.