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Badger fat in treatment of diabetes mellitusBadger fat is a highly useful product and powerful medical remedy that is used in traditional medicine. It is used for treatment of pneumonitis, tuberculosis, some types of ulcers and in treatment of other diseases.

It is indispensable in the course of treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is explained by the fact that it contains such microelements and organic acids, which are critical for the organism functioning.

It should be consumed by adults half an hour before meals and not less than two times a day. Kids of 6 years old and over should take no more than a teaspoon per time. If taken like that, the fat is digested in full and it brings vitamins of group A, majority of B and very useful folic acid. It intensifies protein metabolism and improves the immunity and blood circulation. These qualities of badger fat are very beneficial for diabetics, who have bad wounds.

Badger fat in treatment of diabetes mellitusTo get the outcome and result of consumption of this product, patient should combine it with extract of hypericum or herbal tea with canker rose. Due to a specific smell of badger fat, which may be unpleasant for some people, it may be consumed in capsular form because they are sold in chemists' shops or pharmacies. Before taking it, patient has to look through individual counter-indication list because consumption of this preparation it is not recommended for patients with diseases of stomach tract and allergic dermatitis.

Nutrient substances that are contained badger fat are good to strengthen the immune system, which is very critical for diabetics plus it helps to wash away salts and heavy metals, which may aggravate the disease course. Thus, it is impossible to get healed by using badger fat only, but it is possible to help patient’s immune system and see some improvements of general health condition, if this badger fat is used regularly and wisely.