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Ayurveda treatment for diabetesRepresentatives of Ayurveda - traditional Indian system of Vedic medicine, believe that diabetes is a disease of excessive desire, craving and dissatisfaction. On this basis, this study has its methods of treatment of this disease.

Independently herbal medicine hardly can help to get rid of diabetes, but still, it has a beneficial effect on the body of patients in the early stages of the disease, and prevents its appearance.

the Use of such methods as meditation, yoga, pranayama, as well as actions aimed at maintaining the physical body - diet and herbs, aid recovery from diabetes. All these methods treatment are parts of Ayurveda, which believes that only integrated their use promotes recovery from sickness.

now with effective methods in the fight against diabetes are color therapy and of endogenous respiration Frolov, have become modern modifications of the ancient techniques of Ayurveda.

Advocates of this system are absolutely sure that diabetes often occurs as a result of Kapha imbalance. Thus it can also be observed in disorders of Vata, and Pitta imbalance. In addition, diabetes may be hereditary, in which case it is called karmic.

Given the classification of Western medicine, diabetes is type 1 and type 2 insulin - dependent and non-insulin-dependent. Ayurveda also recognizes disease undergoing a Vata type, Pitta type or Kapha type, and it is determined depending on the dominant dosha. Therefore, Ayurvedic treatment depends on the dosha that is dominant.

Based on the type of disease, and different methods of treatment. Diabetes Vata type Vata is considered to be effective-a diet that eliminates sugary foods. In this diet, you must eat complex carbohydrates, nuts and dairy products. Patients are encouraged to use meat dishes, especially soup from marrowbone.

When Vata type of disease will be useful to tonic herbs, including ashwagandha, Bala, shatavari, Shilajit, and preparations on their basis.

Treatment of diabetes by Ayurveda Pitta-type is aimed at reducing the Pitta - Pitta diet, which is to use herbs bitter taste, and if the patient feels weak, it is often used shatavari, aloe juice, marshmallow. It would also be useful ghee with brahmi.

Diabetes Kapha-type is a classic diabetes that can be treated using diet Kapha, which is particularly efficient and effective is bitter melon, and herbs such as aloe, gentian, katuka, neem has been , barberry, turmeric, "the Golden seal", myrrh.

on the Basis of Ayurveda treatment, treatment of diabetes, regardless of its type is due to the use of sick bitter herbs. Specialists in Indian systems in the treatment of diabetes approach each person individually, because they believe that the nature of the disease is also individual, and therefore develop different therapies for each patient.