Autoimmune diabetes mellitus

Type 1
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Autoimmune diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus of first (1st) type is classified as:

Autoimmune diabetes occurring in a latent form has a name of "diabetes of one and a half type". This is because the symptoms of the disease and the debut reflect the "clinic" of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type, but the main course of the disease is held on principles of diabetes mellitus of 1st type. It then becomes detectable and visible that antibodies to the B-cells of the pancreas and certain enzymes are created by organism. Analysis of experts-physicians revealed that the different groups of adult patients with a diagnosis of " diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type " belongs to autoimmune diabetes affected half flowing in the latent form. Scientists suggest that this type of disease is highlighted in a separate study, is no more than a lightweight form of diabetes mellitus of first (1st) type.

Causes of appearance autoimmune diabetes

This kind of diabetes, according to scientists, is associated with the formation of defects in the immune system of the body. When these processes appear some special structures are formed that are in fact antibodies, which act in a negative way in the pancreas of reproduction and activity of the cells that produce insulin. Development of autoimmune diabetes gets an extra push in the propagation of various types of viral infections, as well as the impact on the human body a number of carcinogenic substances, such as pesticides and products nitro-amine group.

Symptoms of autoimmune diabetes

1. Polyuria - urine in large amounts, including at night.

2. Polydipsia - the constant desire to drink water.

3. Gluttony - Do not suppress your hunger.

4. Weight Loss - quite common sign of diabetes that develops in spite of improved perception of food.

Symptoms of secondary action may include a number of clinical symptoms that are developed over a long period of time.

Finding disease of autoimmune diabetes mellitus

Diagnosis of autoimmune disease of diabetes is associated with the identification of the immune component, which causes defects. It is very important for all kinds of diseases.

"Clinical picture" and "symptoms" of the disease may suggest some ways to treat the disease

Treatment of autoimmune diabetes mellitus

Treatment of this form of diabetes mellitus in most cases intends to eliminate all detected signs of the disease, because productive method of treatment of autoimmune diabetes hasn’t been discovered yet. The main tasks of doctor in this case will be: