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atherosclerosis and diabetesAtherosclerosis is not considered a specific complication of diabetes. However, developed on the background of diabetes, it is characterized by a number of features, therefore, diabetes is considered one of the main risk factors for the occurrence of atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessels.

atherosclerosis in diabetes is characterized by an aggressive course, multisegmentkio localization of stenosis, a penchant for complicated lesions with the formation of aneurysms, caseous disintegration, the development process at a very young age, lesions with equal frequency in women and men.

Atherosclerosis develops in diabetes mellitus, both first and second type. Due to the dysregulation of lipid metabolism and blood clotting, as well as increased permeability of the blood vessel wall to lipoproteins. Changes in the structure of the walls of large and medium-sized arteries, they actively cholesterol accumulates around the sediment which develops sclerosis (connective tissue). The walls of the arteries gradually thicken, their lumen narrows, resulting in the perfusion of tissues and organs.

Atherosclerosis in diabetes sugar dangerous development cardiovascular system. In diabetics the likelihood of development of hypertension and coronary heart disease more than four times higher than among population. In patients with diabetes mellitus is ten times higher the probability of hitting the lower limbs with the development of gangrene, leading to amputation.

the Treatment of atherosclerosis in diabetes, in the first place, should be aimed at elimination or compensation of the main risk factors of the disease. Therefore, the main components of treatment include:


Pretty effective method of treatment of atherosclerosis and its consequences is the surgical methods that include increasing lumen narrowing of a blood vessel by the balloon, the surgical removal of atherosclerotic plaques, partial replacement of the affected vessel or the organization of the new blood flow.