Bronchial asthma diabetes



asthma diabetesAnd one of these diseases is enough to complicate a man's life.

Asthma (the asthma) is not a disease but a symptom. It can cause a variety of reasons. Modern physicians, especially in the West, are often prescribed to patients, even children, hormonal drugs, not thinking about the long-term consequences.

the 1st type of diabetes, insulin-dependent (youth), occurs in children and adolescents. A person has during certain hours to receive injections of insulin, because as an autoimmune reaction or due to viral lesions have neg not working Langerhans islets in the pancreas. The 2nd type, non-insulin-dependent ("senile"), is in adults, often elderly people.

basically, chemical agents, contributing to the development of diabetes, prevent the development of asthma, and Vice versa. The combination of these two diseases is not common.

If asthma treated with corticosteroids for a long time, it can lead to diabetes, especially in the treatment of atopic (non-infectious) forms.

In diabetics asthma runs hard. If an asthmatic is prescribed hormone therapy, preferred inhalers - their effect is mainly local, they have less impact on the blood formula. Sometimes it is sufficient to identify and eliminate the allergen (say, cat fur, or mustard) - and the attacks will stop.

it is Important and the amount of vitamin D in the blood. Its deficiency may lead to deterioration and asthmatics, and diabetics. But stay in the open sun (the vitamin D we get primarily from sunlight) are not shown, only "mysterious shadow" or "reflected sunshine" (by the water).

Yogas has long been known recently re-open by official medicine the technique of diaphragmatic breathing, where the stomach protrudes and slow breath begins to fill the lower lung. Take a full breath, counting to 8, hold for 8 counts breathing. Since the upper parts, follow the exhalation (also on the score 8, at the end of the abdomen pull and push air from bottom of lungs), hold for 8 "units" breath. From 8 to 16 breaths 2-3 times a day. They stimulate the pancreas, attenuating diabetes mellitus, train the muscles responsible for breathing, preventing asthma attack. When dizziness is the number of exercises is increased gradually: 2, some days 4, and so - to the optimal amount.

There is also a simulator that helps to learn diaphragmatic breathing. On the advice of a doctor it can be bought and use it.

Finally the disease will not depart, but for them will become easier.