Can jelly diabetes?



jelly diabetesIf you diabetes, it is important to stick to lowering cholesterol diet of a diabetic. It is known that reducing by 1% the level of cholesterol, you will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease) by about 2%. It should therefore be excluded from the diet all fat-containing: fatty soups on meat (including chicken) broth, butter, sour cream, fatty cheeses (30%), caviar, shrimp, pork and your favorite jelly.

"the Road to the stomach" - boiled (in water, steamed in foil or grilled) lean fish, e.g. cod, perch, cardinal, pink salmon, hake, carp. Can and meat, such as chicken, veal, Turkey. If your jelly is not rich, not "cool fat", it will be possible to eat and loved dish, for example, fresh meat jelly made from veal or Turkey, chicken, rabbit. In this case, the goose and the duck is absolutely contraindicated for preparation of jellied meat in diabetes, both the first and second type.

for Example, your Breakfast may include aspic or jellied fish (low-fat varieties) is about 80-100 grams. Lunch - better without jelly, but you can try boiled meat or baked fish - 100-120 grams. For dinner (or rather, in the second half of the day) the jelly should not be used. If you can eat without bread, replacing it with vegetables is equivalent (in units of bread is about 12 grams of glucose). Can't do without bread - eat only rye, black (up to 250-300 grams per day). The first course is soup, low-fat broth. Drink tea, weak, coffee, juice from sour varieties of berries or apples (for example, Antonovka). Plenty of vegetables is helpful. Good eggplant - they can lower cholesterol, improve the heart muscle, as well as cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, green peas, tomatoes (limited).

From the oil jelly, for example, lamb, or pork from large amounts of nonfat suffer in the first place, your liver and small vessels (eyes, limbs). Why leave them to chance. Because diabetics regularly take medication, you should regularly perform cleansing and strengthening the liver, for example, taking the course "Forte".

it is Important to remember: for diabetes of the first type of deviation from the diet is easier to compensate, but if you are diagnosed with type two diabetes, with cholesterol so just don't "agree"...