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Diabetes mellitus is recognized as one of the hardest disease, which among other problems causes disorders of other important internal organs. However, in spite of the disappointing forecasts of experts, this disease may be treated well by means of traditional medicinal remedies, believe it or not. Among the multitude of widely known remedies, aspen bark takes a special place.

Healing qualities of aspen bark

The healing power of aspen is pertained to its particularities of growth. Strong root system of this tree goes deep into the soil, which insures its nutrition with the rarest microelements. Not just the bark of the tree, but its wood and gemma are chemically rich. Because of its unique microelements and useful substances the aspen tree ranks second to none. It has shown good results in treatment diabetes mellitus.

Aspen bark is a unique plant and it is analog to the most powerful anti-inflammatory preparations owning to the glycosides concentration (populin, tremulatsin, salicin and salikortin) as well asenzyme of salitsilazy, tanning materials and volatile oils. It is a leader in concentration of zinc, iron, copper, nickel, iodine, molybdenum and cobalt. Its unique chemical composition allows it to show the steady going therapeutic effect, working for other affected organs, too.

Directions of application of aspen bark

Aspen bark in treatment of diabetes mellitus Any kind of diabetes mellitus treatment is targeted to normalization of blood sugar level. In order to make a tea, it is necessary to take one spoon of dried and crushed aspen bark and put it into 200 ml of water. It must be boiled for 10 minutes. Prepared extract should be filtered and consumed by patient on empty stomach.

In case of light form of diabetes, fresh aspen bark extract brings positive effect. It has a pleasant taste and it is taken easier than the tea. To make an extract, fresh bark must be crushed using mincer of blender. This paste must be added with water in proportion 1 portion of bark to 3 portions of water. It has to get infused for 10-12 hours. Patient should drink it in the fasted state in portions about 100-200 ml daily.