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Eminent manufacturer Bayer for many years is an important player on the market of medical equipment. Thus today glucose level meter Ascensia which is produced by specialists of Bayer Corporation has very high popularity today. It is able to offer to its users a high accuracy of analyze and durability of the working mechanism. Glucometers Astseziya Elite) and Ascensia ENTRUST are very popular among the people with diabetes. Each unit has its own characteristics, so it can be chosen individually.

Review of glucometers Ascensia

Glucometers Ascensia (Bayer)

When you look at series of glucometers Ascensia produced by Bayer Corporation it’s difficult to be unsatisfied by high quality of products, which is confirmed by European standards. It is difficult to compare or to review these blood glucose meters of this manufacturer in a "heap" with other devices from different manufacturers. Generally speaking, they are all different by their personal and attractive design, but from the technical point of view of you’ll never trouble about work of the device. Perhaps the decision to purchase a more expensive glucometer made by Bayer Company than cheaper one is logical and rational.

Description of glucometers Ascesia:

Ascensia Glucometers series has been developed for the qualitative analysis of the blood glucose levels. This instrument is essential to that category of people who suffers from diabetes and needs regular monitoring of specialist. Work scheme of blood glucose meters from Bayer is easy-understandable and intuitive predictable for novice users.

Another thing is that in a series of blood glucose meters Ascensia is represented big variety of models and each of which has its unique features. For example glucometer Ascensia ELITE(Astseziya Elite) has no buttons, so its work is made completely automatically. The user just inserts the test strip and then the device reads the information, after that it displays the result of analysis on the screen, and then it automatically shuts down.

Test Strips:

Test-poloski Astsenziya

Glucose level meter gets access to a blood test after the installation of the test strips in a special "slot". Strip is created based on a multilayer polymer which provides the most accurate results of blood test. In the original set is included a set of test strips. Other additional ones can be purchased at a pharmacy or in special stores.

Lancets Microletblood sampling method (using two lancets MICROLET):

For qualitative analysis by using glucometer you should initially collect needed blood sampling. In the case of series of glucometers Ascensia (Astseziya) the process is becomes painless as possible by using of special lancets MICROLET 2, which are included in the basic kit. Blood sampling is collected from capillaries because this method is often used in the medical institutions of the European Union in recent years.


The manufacturer of medical devices Bayer is a big player in the market, and therefore most of the reviews of developers and users are very positive. First of all the user notes the high accuracy of the analysis performed by the glucometer. But these glucose level meters have many other positive qualities such as durability, reliability of the body, high-contrast display, automatic work and many other features. In general, we can say that the glucometers Ascensia (Astseziya) made a big progress and positive impression on the modern market. This is medical equipment that is trusted by majority of customers.

Where to buy and price:

From the market point of view, the glucometer is easier to buy from a retailer on the Internet. What are advantages of this method? The price of any model series Ascensia will be lower than the actual market & stock price, and it is comfortable, cause’ when you buy the device in internet shop it will be delivered by courier straight to your home address.

Lancets tor taking of blood samples Microlet 2 can be purchased separately from the device. The price ranges from 13 dollars for one pack.

Also glucometers Ascensia can be purchased in the city at pharmacy or at professional salon. Price level in this case will be higher than on virtual marketplaces. In a positive light, we note that personnel with high level of qualification will help you to choose and buy the device that’s perfect just for you.