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the government of the Russian Federation 7.10.1996, approved the Federal targeted programme "diabetes mellitus", which was intended to ensure the implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 8.05.1996, в„–676 "On measures of state support for persons with diabetes mellitus". The implementation of the programme was planned in 2 stages:


the Main objectives of this targeted programme aimed at improving the quality of medical care provided to citizens suffering from diabetes different types:

- organization of branched diabetology service;

- developing and implementing in practical terms the system of preventive measures to prevent the rotation of developing diabetes in the risk and complications of this disease;

- ensuring qualitative and effective treatment for patients with diabetes in accordance with the achievements of modern medicine;

- the development of national pharmacological database capable of providing for the needs of drug-governmental and diagnostic tools, as well as in foods citizens of the Russian Federation, patients sugar different diabetes.

the Ultimate goal of the Federal target program:

1. To improve the quality of life and prolong its duration of suffering from diabetes.

2. To reduce the actual indicators of morbidity, disability, complications and mortality from diabetes in Russia.

Program for patients with diabetes included 7 sections:


the program of diabetes mellitusthe Formation of diabetology service involves the opening of a branched network of institutions headed by the leading scientific center of Federal significance, which was established under the leadership of academician of RAMS Dedov I. I. Diabetes In the Federal Center carries out extensive research work on the problem of diabetes, professionals are trained and methods and provides medical care to the population in all regions. In the structure of the centre taking into account the latest scientific achievements there are highly specialized departments: nephropathy, children's diabetes, retinopathy, etc. With great success are diabetic centres in the RF subjects.

In the whole country programme for diabetic patients was implemented unevenly, in some areas more successfully, some less, which is directly related to insufficient financing of entities, which share was to amount to 80%, in fact, dedicated revenues from the regions was 50%. Because of the budget deficit, most of the tasks of the Federal program was executed not in full or unfulfilled with it all. The most vulnerable in terms of implementation was the paragraph about providing patients with the necessary drugs and production of insulin and diabetic products directly in Russia.