Transmitted disease diabetes type 1 and 2 hereditary - heredity of the disease

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Heredity in diabetes mellitusdiabetes mellitus is divided into two types:


Causes two different kinds of diabetes various, but one is especially important - heredity.


Diabetes inherited

Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (I type) has the name of youth. This non-scientific term accurately describes the development of disease. It occurs abruptly and unexpectedly manifesting itself at a young age (from birth to 20 years). Accompanied by severe symptoms, usually after a viral infection or severe stress.

the Main cause of this disease is the damage of beta-cells pancreatic cancer and blame it is genetic predisposition, i.e. heredity. In genetically-predisposed humans is the following: on viruses and free radicals released into the blood as a result of nervous stress, the body is forced to respond with an immune response. The rapid production of antibodies against foreign agents data. When "enemies" are vanquished, the process of antibody production needs to stop. But in this case it does not, mysterious brake is not activated, continuously produce antibodies that begin to "eat" the cells in the pancreas. The cells die, insulin production ceases.

diabetes mellitus inheritedthe Immune system of a healthy person rarely behaves so inappropriately. But genetically predraspolozhennost to diabetes child sometimes minor cold enough to start the mechanism. To harden the child, saving it from stress, you can cause the disease "to keep silent" and to give a chance to "outgrow" this type of diabetes.

so, some factors that cause diabetes mellitus on a hereditary predisposition. Diabetes the I-th type has the likelihood of 3-7% of maternal and 10% on the father. When it affects both parents, the likelihood increases dramatically and accounts for 70%.


Inherited diabetes mellitus

non-insulin-dependent diabetes (type II) has a likelihood of 80% on the line and mother and father. If from non-insulin dependent diabetes suffer from both parents, it is with absolute probability will occur in children. Such genetic predisposition should be taken into account in different situations, in particular when entering into marriage, and then family planning. Explain to the children that they are "risk" that they are able to reverse many of the factors affecting the occurrence of diabetes of this type. In their case it leads to: nervous overload, overeating and lack of physical activity as a consequence of obesity, and obesity, frequent viral infections. It is proved that every 20% excess (excess) weight increase the likelihood of developing diabetes type II.