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Cider vinegar in treatment of diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus is a smoldering disease, but it requires urgent medical intervention. This is why, if the medication treatment is combined with the traditional herbal remedies, it is possible to decrease glucose level contained blood and facilitate manifestations of the disease. A great thing for treatment of diabetes mellitus is cider vinegar. Cider vinegar is a wonderful source of vitamins and microelements. It is used for treatment of many diseases from ancient times.

In the course of diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type when patient has high level of glucose in blood, such gastronomical product may be of a great help. Use of vinegar is not a myth of some charlatans; this fact is proven with scientific researches. It prevents the quick growth of blood sugar level after consumption of products that are rich in carbohydrates. It results in blood sugar normalization and good health as usual. And getting the level of blood sugar to normal isn't the key objective for the diabetics? That's where this unique traditional medication helps perfect and it is cider vinegar.

It may be used as an extract, prepared as following: a half-liter of cider vinegar plus 30-40 gr of bean pods, after that patient should cover the pot with a lid and then place the pot into a dark cool place, where it must be for 10 hours or something like that. The solution intake should be 1-2 teaspoons for 0.25 of glass water, before having meals three times a day. It also may be taken with food. Duration of whole course of treatment is very long. It may help only when treatment lasts at least six months.

In spite of the results that cider vinegar may lead to, it cannot be a panacea in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Nothing may replace the proven methods of treatment as insulin intake and constant therapy. Vinegar can be used to intensify measures of therapy, but not to replace it entirely. In addition, the main commandment of doctors to patients is "Do not make harm!" should be respected as well, so cider vinegar should be used in limited quantities as per recipes so that to help patient’s organism, but not hurt it or make any harm to it.