Angina diabetes - features of treatment



angina diabetesWith a sore throat is probably familiar to all people. Nasty and scratchy, and sore throat, severe temperature, aches and weakness it is hard to forget. But if left untreated, soon, besides that it would be impossible because of the inflammation and pain to make solid and then liquid foods, the development of an abscess with the breakthrough of pus in the throat. Tightening is not necessary.

But when there is underlying disease, which severely restricts the intake of many drugs and procedures? For example, diabetes? Should approach the treatment with consideration of the peculiarities of diabetes.


Treat sore throat

to Begin treatment, you must first sign or otherwise strong and harmful antibiotics not to manage. At an early stage of the disease you can do with the help of herbs and home remedies. It is important to consider the basic rules:

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Features of the treatment for diabetes

angina diabetesdiabetes it is worth considering the fact that popular folk medicine in treating any colds, such as honey, raspberry jam, syrups - are contraindicated! Better limited decoction of herbs and berries (raspberries, viburnum, mountain ash, elderberry, lemon) without sweet additives. Can be applied hot compresses (grated onion). Additionally good to do hot foot bath. Very effective for rinsing the next solution - salt : soda: alcohol solution of iodine (0.5 CH. l.: 0.5 CH. l: 4 drops in 200 grams of warm water).

Well, when the medicine for sore throats in parallel has sharonrobinson effect (blueberry, sage, cinnamon, etc.). Then warm the broth will bring a double benefit.

Use of medications is necessary not thoughtlessly. After all, when a malfunction of the pancreas suffer from many authorities, and should exercise caution in using medications that can affect kidneys, liver. For example, gatemac can be applied only if the condition of the kidneys good. Likewise analyzes all medications before taking. You should also check the presence of sugar in such products.

it is Better if your doctor will prescribe the patient with diabetes mellitus homeopathic remedies for sore throat. Because the effect of such drugs is softer internal organs, and this is especially important when the fragile immune system of a diabetic.