Problems and correction in diabetes mellitus

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gangrene in diabetes mellitusProblems associated with diabetes

the problems of diabetes mellitus is connected with infringement of peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation. Most common vision problems retinopathy, retinal detachment, cataract.

Disorders of the kidneys lead to chronic kidney, and subsequently renal insufficiency.

human peripheral microcirculation contribute to the onset of the angiopathy, fragility of blood vessels, the formation of multiple hematomas.

failure of microcirculation lead to malfunction of the peripheral and Central nervous systems according to the type of polyneuropathy and encephalopathy until the development of severe forms of these diseases.

Any intramuscular injection is dangerous due to the risk of development of purulent abscess. Development gangrene and diabetic foot can lead to disability patient. Arthropathy is manifested by a characteristic crunch in the joints, pain, restricted mobility, etc.


Correction of problems in diabetes

In the first instance correction should wear pathogenetic nature, ie be aimed at eliminating the causes that lead to related complications. It is necessary to achieve normal levels of blood sugar and, as a consequence, the restoration of microcirculation.

However, even intensive therapy is not always possible to achieve quick result, and becomes a necessary correction of associated problems with diabetes.

Pechino Treatment of chronic renal insufficiency produced by the standard drugs, normalizing the functioning of the liver and kidneys. In further demonstrations of the process may require hemodialysis, and in particularly severe cases, a kidney transplant.

cataracts in diabetes mellitusthe Progression of retinopathy requires laser correction, cataract surgery to replace the lens. The development of diabetic foot and gangrene of the lower limbs is difficult to therapeutic treatment and may require the amputation of both legs above the level of the lesion.

nervous system corrected by the administration of neuroleptics and drugs that improve cerebral blood circulation. Patients with diabetes mellitus illustrates the application of angioprotectors, biostimulants, symptomatic treatment.

folk and alternative medicine can offer a variety of recipes that were created specifically for the correction of related problems in diabetes mellitus - from edema to reduce pain in the joints.