Norm and low sugar (glucose) in the blood of newborns (infants)

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blood sugar in newbornsMany moms still in the period of carrying a baby thought to what should be blood sugar newborn. Particularly painful to know that those who suffers from abnormality of glucose in your own blood.

In pregnancy the doctor from the first months of fetal development identifies all of the possible pathology of the unborn child. In such cases childbirth after clipping the umbilical cord of the newborn is observed a sharp drop in glucose levels. The introduction of the required dose of sugar in the form of injections leads the body in tone.

By the time of birth the fetus has formed all organs, so a normal pancreas provides insulin, which regulates the rate of glucose in the newborn. And yet the birth and independent life outside the mother's body leaves the marks on the development of infants. The first days of life are a period of adaptation to the surrounding world, so some kids for 2-3 days after birth there is a low blood sugar level.


Hypoglycemia in infants

blood sugar in infantsare deviations in glucose levels in children's blood at birth. The largest risk group among babies are premature babies. Less than weeks the fetus, the more he is not ready for independent living. Low blood sugar indicates in this case the existence of not only hypoglycemia, but also about more serious complications. If the level of glucose in the newborn is below 2.2 mmol/l is an ominous sign for physicians and parents.

Novouredeni with unrecognized or pronounced hypoglycemia often do not survive childbirth. This is one of the most common causes of child mortality. With the correct diagnosis of the child must be appointed immediately treatment. But even if the child timely medical aid, and he survived, bitter might be the consequences. The part of these infants occurs cerebral palsy. Along with this disease is sometimes accompanied by mental retardation and hypoplasia, which could be considered much later. This is a difficult diagnosis, both for the child and for the whole family. Will require long-term treatment, and using the most modern techniques.

as they grow blood sugar in infants should conform to the norm for adults. In case of deviation from estimated range from 3.1 to 5, 5 mmoll urgently needed diagnostics and examination of baby to identify the causes of deterioration analyses. The earlier studies the blood sugar in the newborn and will start if necessary, intensive treatment and intravenous infusion of glucose, the greater the hope that the baby will be saved.