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Diabetes as the disease does not pose any threat to human health. With the right lifestyle and timely treatment patients with diabetes can live a full life completely. Unfortunately, as with any other illness, lasting for years, diabetes can eventually move to a decompensated form that is accompanied by many complications. Very often (about 6 - 10% of patients)this form of diabetes leads to the loss of body limbs. The main causes are changes in the tissues of feet : neuropathy associated with nerve damage, macro - and micro-angiopathy (abnormalities in the structure of large and small vessels) and necrotic changes in the bones of the lower parts of body.

Preconditions of amputation

Amputation in diabetesVascular dysfunction is the result of failures in the metabolism, the emergence of a huge number of ballast components circulating in the blood and the development autoimmunization (condition in which the immune system destroys the cells that are "native" to body). In this regard, the number of well-functioning vessels gradually decreases; initially mild, and then acute ischemia is developed. Condition is aggravated by the accession of stagnation in the vessels, which occurs most often in the lower body limbs. Anoxia makes body tissues of feet vulnerable to infection and sharply reduces their regenerative potential. In this state the slightest trauma or injury can trigger the development of purulent processes (abscess, phlegmon, gangrene) that are difficult to treat. If it affects the bone structures the osteomyelitis can be caused - purulent fusion of bones.

Urgent measures

Amputation of the affected body limbs in diabetes is a radical, and sometimes the only way to save the patient’s life. It is applied only in the case of failure of conservative treatment or in life-threatening conditions (gangrene followed by sepsis).

The feature of amputation of body limbs of patients that suffer from diabetes is complication of healing of surgical wounds and frequent infections accession to them. Often, removal of toe, for example, ends with a high amputation and loss of all or most of the limb. Mandatory condition in the early postoperative period for these patients is a medical control and intensive care unit for at least 10-15 days, which corresponds to the terms of recovery process of glucose metabolism.

How to protect yourself?

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