Alzheimer's is diabetes of the brain

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Alzheimer's Disease


diabetes of the brainAlzheimer's Disease - (diabetes of the brain) is called an incurable disease of the Central nervous system, which is characterized by gradual fading of abilities such as speech, memory, ability to think logically. This disease is considered to be old, the risk increases by 65 years of age. Modern medicine still cannot determine the root cause of its occurrence. It is believed that Alzheimer's (diabetes of the brain) precedes the destruction of a large number of nerve cells. The main reasons are: genetic predisposition to disease, failure of transmission of nerve impulses substances in the body of the patient, brain tumor, head injury, hypothyroidism.

For early-stage disease is characterized by the following symptoms: inability to recognize familiar objects, things and places, forgetfulness, fast growing and can lead eventually to total amnesia, anxiety, anxiety, disorientation, indifference to everything happening around. In late-stage Alzheimer's (diabetes of the brain) the patient may experience obsessive thoughts, frequent hallucinations, problems with movement, loss of ability self-service (inability to dress oneself, to put in order, to hold a spoon during meals, etc.).

If you have this disease people is becoming almost completely incapacitated, he requires constant outside help.

Alzheimer's (diabetes of the brain) refers to the number of incurable diseases. Modern medicine can offer treatment, which can only alleviate some of his symptoms. Diagnosis at the earliest stage is very important because, the sooner treatment is started, the more likely for as long as possible to keep the person thinking and adequate perception of the world.

the Main treatment is in the range of use of medicinal and non-medicinal methods. From pharmaceuticals are prescribed cholinesterase inhibitors that block the breakdown contained in the brain of the patient substances that are responsible for memory function, and partial glutamate antagonists that slow down the process of destruction of nerve cells.

diabetes of the brainMethods of treatment without medication include creating favourable conditions for the life of the patient. It needs to communicate with others, take daily walks in the fresh air. The slow development of the disease contributes to reading books, memory training with the help of special computer programs. All of these methods of treatment is possible only at the initial stage of the disease when the person is of sound mind and able to perceive what is happening.

Alzheimer's (diabetes of the brain) is often called diabetes of the third type. European scientists have established a link of this disease with diabetes type. They proved that with diabetes patients are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, since forming in the brain under the influence of insulin amyloid plaques can have a negative impact on human memory. This hypothesis is based on assumptions and have no facts.