Non-traditional methods of diabetes mellitus treatment

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Treatment of diabetes mellitus by using of non-traditional methods may be only auxiliary in addition to traditional medication treatment. At present time medicine does not known the way of complete treatment of this disease so it is considered incurable. Some medications are offered to patients that help them to correct their blood sugar level. The medications are vital in case of this disease. If patient applies non-traditional methods of treatment, he should not change the pattern of treatment, which has been advised by the attending doctor; moreover, patient should obtain the approval of his or her personal doctor for using of non-traditional methods along with the help obtained in a hospital.

Non-traditional methods in diabetes mellitus treatment

Non-traditional methods are effective at the initial phase of the disease. In this case a rational diet, physical movements & exercises and weight decrease will help to normalize the blood sugar level. But any level attained may keep existing only if the patient will follow special rules.

Special care should be given to the children, suffering from diabetes mellitus. In case the disease lasts less than a year, then due to treatment health condition may be temporary improved. It cannot be considered full recovery in any case. Treatment cannot be changed without the doctor's approval so that will help to avoid any complications.


Acupuncture in diabetes mellitus of first (1st) type

Acupuncture cannot be combined with the insulin intake, therefore people suffering from diabetes mellitus should ask their doctor before going to a procedure like that. There are 23 acu-points on a patient's body. Such kind of massage is not difficult and it may be done by oneself, but it is better to ask for a professional help because in case of disease presence it is required a special caution to patient. The course consists of 12 sessions in case if they take place every day. The next round may be completed not earlier than in 12 days and only if the doctor allows that.

Any massage is better to be done in the first half of the day. In case the patient's self-feeling is worsening after procedures, patient gets weak, fainting, then the massage should be stopped.


Yoga in diabetes mellitus

Yoga is a set of exercises that helps to improve patient's health condition and mind. Some people use Yoga to treat diseases like diabetes mellitus. There are many Yoga guides dealing with weal health. Hatha- yoga is an important stage of Yoga, which help to restore healthy body condition. It may be achieved by many various special exercises, diet, procedures and way of life. All exercises are divided into dynamic and breathing. Combining of exercises type allows improvement of nerve centers, endocrine system and regulation of overall condition of whole organism.


Ayurveda is a method, that helps to facilitate patients' health condition irrespectively of their diseases. There are no counter-indications for this type of exercises and, in addition, patient does not need many efforts for that. Exercises of that type should be done every day. Exercises require special postures of hands, which are called mudras. The best position is lotus pose facing the East. Both hands should be involved and muscles should be relaxed completely.

According to Ayurveda diabetes mellitus should be treated with "saving life" mudra. It must be done like this: the cushion of pointer should be touching the basement of thumb of the same hand, while the little finger should be straight and the cushions of the rest should be gathered. Good luck.