Aloe in treatment of diabetes mellitus

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Almost every household has a houseplant called aloe. It may be helpful not when someone catches cold, but it became a good medication against symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Description of Aloe

Aloe in treatment of diabetes mellitus To anyone, who does not know yet what aloe is: it is a succulent plant with narrow and juicy leaves. There are few kinds of aloe, but all of them are useful. Extract of this plant is capable to decrease blood sugar level, which is the key problem for diabetics. How does it work and what is the mechanism of its action?

Today there are special medications made of aloe. They are taken by patients according to doctor’s prescriptions and directions. However, doctors insist to get an advice whether or not it is good in different particular cases. Because diabetes may be different, therefore self-treatment without enough information may be harmful for patient.

Treatment by using of Aloe

Aloe in treatment of diabetes mellitusNow we’ll say few words about treatment with aloe. First, in order to get some remedy decreasing the level of sugar, patient may just squeeze the juice of aloe. It is also good for problems of stomach tract, and it strengthens immunity and sedates the nerves. If patient will drink aloe juice, it is possible to get back good sleeping and equilibrium, and it is crucial because diabetics are prohibited from being nervous and getting panic, which aggravates course of the disease.

In order to get some really healing aloe juice, it is necessary to cut not upper but lower leaves. They are more useful than others and also they contain more juice. There is no need to keep the leaves for a long time; they must be used in a period of three hours after they were cut down. Unused leaves should be packed and placed into the fridge.

Moreover, aloe leaves may be dried. To keep them longer, it is better to place the leaves on plain paper and cover them with some kind of some tissue. When leaves are dried, put them into a jar with a leek-free lid. The leaves may be well-preserved for two years. Any intake of aloe leaves may be upon the doctor's approval only.

Aloe healing qualities

Why aloe is so helpful for diabetics? Juice of this plant contains a lot of substances, among which there is catechine. It facilitates functioning of blood vessel system, preventing formation of plaques. Some other microelements are helpful for digesting, metabolism normalization and decreasing of cholesterol level. Flavonoids help to resist various viruses and bacteria, and also to associated infections & diseases.

To grow a plant at home, patient should not invest a lot of efforts. It is reproduced by stems perfectly well and it may grow in dry air and average light. Moderate watering is enough for this plant because its leaves has much juice, aloe does not supports big quantity of liquid and may die in case of overflow.