Almonds diabetes



Almonds in diabetes mellitus

the Almond is one of those types of nuts that do not just you can eat with diabetes, and even necessary to do it. All this is because the almond a lot of fiber and unsaturated fats. So almonds brand does not contain cholesterol but it is rich in nutrients such as fiber, magnesium, protein, potassium, copper, vitamin E and others. They, in turn, reduces the concentration of LDL-cholesterol in the blood and increase insulin sensitivity and increase the function of the human body to increase beta cells, each of which has a unbearable help in preventing the development of diabetes.

in addition, physicians have made the conclusions after carrying out certain studies, regular use of this product can not only affect the improvement of flow of diabetes, but also preventing people with pre-diabetes.


Pomegranate juice diabetes mellitus

Very good prevention qualities, as well as treatment for complications engendered by diabetes can be called, andPomegranate juice diabetes pomegranate juice. It also should be consumed at risk of this disease. But it should be remembered that the permanent adoption of this juice for a long time is not recommended, and sometimes necessary to take breaks and give your preference to other equally healthy drinks and food products.

If you take pomegranate juice regularly, according to doctors, you can achieve a positive impact on the state of the vessels with a simultaneous exception of atherosclerosis. This the juice slows down the process of absorption of cholesterol.

as a preventive measure against various kinds of complications of diabetes pomegranate juice you can drink, pre-mixed with a small portion of honey. And taking this composition should be performed only in small doses.

additionally, pomegranate juice is rich in various vitamins and nutrients which include carotene, b vitamins, ascorbic acid. And organic acids - citric, malic, Pantothenic, folic, tannin, trace elements of magnesium, copper, silicon, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as various sugars, which are much more useful their refined counterparts, which have a positive impact on the human body. But if a person simultaneously with diabetes there is a ulcer of the duodenum, stomach or even gastritis, consumption of this juice is highly undesirable and even prohibited.