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Alloxan diabetesThere are many metabolic disorders which are known as diabetes. But you shouldn’t be worry over the alloxan diabetes because it is so called form of diabetes, which is caused by the animals artificially in the laboratory. In other words, it is experimental diabetes which scientists use in studies of effects of various substances on the course of the disease, to verify their theories and hypotheses.

The name of this diabetes is received from the chemical compound alloxan. This material is formed from uric acid when exposed to it in a medium strong oxidants free acids. Alloxan was opened in the beginning of XIX century.

Before each experiment animals are fasted for some time (12-48 hours), to fix the net reaction. Sometimes they are divided into groups of 2-3, which are kept on a starvation diet the same time. When administered to an organism of experimental rat alloxan causes destruction of β-cells (basophilic islet cells) in the pancreatic islets. This causes appearance of alloxan diabetes in test animal, which leads to its death.

Changes that take place in the body can be divided into three stages. First, the level of sugar in the blood begins to rise sharply, reaching a maximum of 2-4 hours. Then the slump is sugar (hypoglycemia), which lasts 15-20 hours at this stage, many animals die by necrosis β-cells, resulting in the release of large quantities of insulin. After that comes the third stage - secondary hyperglycemia. It is a constant, so it is called permanent. That secondary hyperglycemia and diabetes is a testament. During this stage, 24-36 h after the start of the experiment, the rats developed all the symptoms of the disease: glycosuria, hyperglycemia, polydipsia, polyuria and polyphagia.

The course of alloxan diabetes depends on the concentration and dose of alloxan as well as quantity of other substance that were administered to animals. For example, it was experimentally found that the administration of beta-thymogen protects the cells from damage, increases the hypoglycemic action of insulin, prevents the death of the rats, reduces weight loss reduces alloxan poisoning. After a series of experiments on animals drug trials on humans were conducted and they have demonstrated good results.

How would severely it did not look, but alloxan diabetes, which is caused by artificially in laboratory animals, helps in the search for new drugs against diabetes mellitus in people.