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valid blood sugarOnce in position, the woman feels not only the joy of the birth of the future baby, but concerns about his health. And, you know, any significant changes in the body of the pregnant woman are the place to be. First of all, a big load feel all metabolic processes. Also suffers, and pancreas responsible for insulin production. Recall that insulin is very necessary hormone for: 1) the susceptibility of cells to glucose, by which it enters the blood; 2) the creation of conditions for the synthesis of glycogen and obstacles to its collapse. However, the woman's body is in stress, so the pancreas can easily be "irresponsible" to relate to their direct responsibilities.

it Happens that the allowed rate of blood sugar levels pregnant much too high, and your pancreas doesn't "want" to produce insulin in sufficient quantities for processing glucose. What happens then? Then it was adopted by the gestational diabetes type. For the most part, after birth, the woman will forget about this disease, because sugar will return to normal, but there is a risk that after some time the woman who had the misfortune to postpone the gestational diabetes will develop diabetes of the 2nd type.

What is dangerous for women wearing the baby, gestational diabetes? The fact that in the period of the disease allowed rate of glucose in her blood is pretty high. No wonder gynecologists strongly recommend that pregnant women can control and keep under surveillance your weight, diet regime, eat a lot of sweets and so on. This explains why a pregnant woman every 2 weeks/month conduct regular surveys, which include an analysis on the amount of sugar in the blood. All of these studies needed a gynecologist, so he could monitor the glucose level, for example. Maybe you need to act urgent?

There are several aspects that contribute to the development of diabetes:


to Monitor the glucose level during pregnancy it is imperative because if the allowed rate exceeds the limit, the chances of harming your baby, with serious consequences. If the mother does not attach importance to their condition, there is a huge risk to have a baby with obvious pathologies and malformations. This happens for the reason that the mother nourishes the child's glucose in large numbers, whereas the child with nothing to process it, because the insulin is not produced in the absence of the pancreas. As you know, if acceptable blood sugar level is exceeded for a long time, there is a deficiency of energy. How to develop the fruit of its scarcity?

However, all this can be avoided if you regularly check the blood. A pregnant sugar should be always normal, and this is achieved by competent and balanced diet.