Alla Pugacheva and diabetes

Alla Pugacheva
Alexander Porokhovshchikov


Alla Pugacheva and diabetes mellitusthe Life of artists on stage is somewhat similar to the front. Of course it's nice to be the idol of millions, but health can not buy!

In 2010, Alla Pugacheva admitted to the whole world that she is sick with diabetes. Arriving to Ukraine, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva has met with a representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Vladimir. He offered wine, but the singer refused: "I can't, I have diabetes, said she suddenly. But when she learned about it, the singer is silent (with unknown sources it became known that it's 2006). According to doctors, this disease is able for many years to come.

that's Exactly what happened. It is known that the artist has long been a problem with the heart and blood vessels, it has problems with the endocrine system, pressure rumor has it that the underlying disease - atherosclerosis. Disease in artist developed against the background of stress, deteriorated vision, began to torment shortness of breath, burning in the chest, tortured her, and headaches, complained of General weakness were all written off during intense work schedule and chronic fatigue. But alas, all these symptoms were so-called prediabetes, which is not only possible, but needed to be treated, otherwise all this resulted in a full - fledged diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Alla Pugacheva has been diagnosed with type II diabetes which, unlike type I, develops in persons over the age of forty. The disease was provoked by many factors: high calorie food, and overweight and lack of exercise, and constant stress.

plays an Important role and bad genes, but most likely to the alley Pugachevoj it has no relation.

So at the moment, scientists and doctors are blaming the development of diabetes unhealthy lifestyle. As with constantly elevated levels of sugar in the blood, the pancreas automatically starts to produce more and more of the hormone insulin, the cells of the body, over time, cease to perceive and as a result, the metabolism in the body and all the other internal organs begin to fail, which pulls a huge number of metabolic and hormonal changes. Such changes in the future will cause problems with the cardiovascular system.

Pugachev and diabetes mellitusAmong the several complications caused by diabetes the most "popular" can be called retinopathy is the retinal lesions and angiopathy is a problem with the channels of blood through the blood vessels that will lead to atherosclerosis and thrombosis. All this directly affected Alla Pugacheva - prima Donna of the Russian stage.

Prevention of diabetes type II, as strange as it may sound, doctors call correct (healthy) lifestyle (refusing cigarettes and alcohol, active lifestyle and proper nutrition), and regular screening. According to statistics, 60% of people with prediabetes who adhere to such "treatment", avoid diabetes.

At the present time, Alla Pugacheva has strict diet, switched to electronic cigarettes and stopped touring.