Alexander Porokhovshchikov and diabetes

Alla Pugacheva
Alexander Porokhovshchikov


Porokhovshchikov and diabetes mellitusAlexander Porokhovshchikov - liked, many familiar from childhood artist. The actor of theatre and cinema, have tried myself also in the role of the Director was the same person as you: had your goals and desires, weakness and disease.

Alexander Shalvovich has long suffered from diabetes. For many years he tried to fight the painful disease. However, despite all the efforts of the famous artist, the disease slowly, but surely prevailed.

due to progressive diabetes mellitus Alexander Shalvovich developed gangrene, to treat which medication was not possible. Procrastination just a few hours could cost the famous patient the entire foot, and, maybe, and life.

That diabetes caused the amputation of the little toe and part of foot is already in old age.

the progression of diagnosed disease did not stop. Forces of the parties were unequal. After undergoing surgery on his leg at the artist's manifested complications of diabetes on the heart and lungs. At the age of 73 Porokhovshchikov is again in a hospital bed - March 6, 2012 he was admitted to the cardiology Department with a diagnosis of stroke. A great artist was seriously ill. More than a month Porokhovshchikov in serious condition and placed in intensive care. Because of the inability to breathe on her own it were connected to the ventilator.

Porokhovshchikov and diabetes mellitusporohovschikova Young wife Irina, who became the last love of an actor, I had very strong feeling for her husband. 10 March from the hospital she was told that the chances of recovery spouse tend to zero. Unable to bear the psychological tension, being no longer able to fight serious illness of the husband, the woman voluntarily took her life. Irina has found in a noose, in her mansion in the center to the right lane.

the Lawyer and friend of the couple Porohovschikova, Sergei Zhorin, said that the artist never told about the suicide of his wife feared he would not survive the loss of a beloved wife. Alexander Porokhovshchikov survived his wife by only 37 days. In the last days of his life he no longer recognized family and friends. Thus, on 15 April 2012, on the night of Easter, was not the actor himself. Doctors called the cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest. The doctors diagnosed that death was the result of serious cardiac disease in the presence of diabetes.

it is Noteworthy that Porokhovshchikov feared a repetition of the fate of his father. He is also sick with diabetes, then he developed gangrene, and he died. The actor knew he was not heroic health, admitted that in his blood he has "serious sugar."