Alcoholic drinks in diabetes mellitus: the use, effects and consequences

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drinks alcohol in diabetes Diabetes is a disease, which is caused by insufficient production of insulin by pancreas, resulting in high levels of glucose in the blood. There are two types of this disease. First - Type 1 – is insulin diabetes, and the second - Type 2 - insulin dependent. The second is type can be more common founded among patients. Those to who the diagnosis of diabetes was developed should carefully monitor their menu, because there is a need to maintain a normal level of sugar in blood. But diabetics are people too and sometimes so they allow themselves some weakness in the food that breaks the habitual diet. Can people consume alcohol in diabetes of the first and the second type? What causes will have even a small amount of alcohol in the blood of these people?

"Care" of alcohol on the body of diabetic and alcoholism

Alcoholic drinks are above all high-calorie drinks. Alcohol also damages the cells of the pancreas that promotes the development of pancreatitis and, as a consequence of alcoholic diabetes mellitus.

Increase of glucose levels in blood can be presented in the human body in two ways: the first is the consumption of carbohydrates that come from food and the second one - glucose comes in blood from liver. Studies have shown that alcohol increases the glucose level and then decreases it rapidly so that fact can cause hypoglycemic coma. This happens due to blockage of carbohydrates in the liver. The level of glucose starts to rise rapidly at the table. This process is accompanied by the production of insulin. If the liver does not have enough carbohydrates, the level of blood glucose drops sharply. If the processes will start during a night's rest, the first symptoms of the coma will be unnoticed, and then you will not be able to manage the situation and help a sick person.

Alcoholic drinks differ by severity of symptoms, so people with diagnosed diabetes should know what alcohol drinks should be limited, and what alcoholic drinks must be excluded completely from the diet. Alcoholism is very dangerous for this category of patients.

Is alcohol consumption allowed to people with diabetes of first and second (1 and 2) types?

The only right solution would be a complete rejection from the consumption of alcoholic drinks. But sometimes it is hard to avoid it. Therefore it is necessary to have information about alcohol doses allowed for such patients.

For people with diabetes mellitus spirits or any liquor with big concentration of liquor are dangerous (40%), for example, vodka and brandy, whiskey, gin and other. Therefore, the dose of the alcohol should not exceed 75-100 ml. After that you should have a snack with high level of carbohydrates for example such products as pasta or potatoes.

Wines contain less alcohol, but more sugar. The percentage of carbohydrates in wine can reach the value of thirty. As result we can get a conclusion that people with diabetes shouldn’t consume wine products with concentration of sugar more than 5-15%.

Dry wine and champagne can be consumed no more than two hundred of milliliters, and moist alcoholic drinks no more than 150 ml. Maximal quantity of beer is about 300 ml.

Amount of Bread Units is not included in alcohol, so you don’t need additional insulin. Also, before consumption of alcoholic drinks you should eat something, for example vegetables, and you should not take hypoglycemic agents. Thus, as result we can achieve less absorption of alcohol in the blood of person with diabetes. Of course, you should choose products that contain carbohydrates with a low threshold of absorption, such as various grains & cereals or even pasta and potatoes. These foods may prevent hypoglycemic coma.

But be sure to remember to measure glucose level in the blood using glucose meter after having of abundant meal. And certainly say “NO” to alcohol!