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a long walk with diabetesIf you choose the right medicines and folk remedies, lead a lifestyle in which the disease has ceased to be a hindrance, then any disease will begin to recede. Diabetes is no exception, because with the right approach you can improve your health.

Insulin-dependent people know how to control the level of sugar in the blood. sick child it is acceptable will be wearing on the body a small device insulin pump. Feeding round the clock insulin in the patient's body, this device replaces the job of the pancreas, which is important for the development of the child's body.

Medications diabetes

diabetes of the second degree it is important to take your pills, which can control the level of sugar in the blood. But you can drink only those medicines that are prescribed by the endocrinologist.

If the first degree of diabetes the main condition for normal life is a certain dose of insulin. Her regular injections able maintain the health of the body for a long time.

In both cases, you should purchase glucometer, which you can use to monitor the sugar level and accordingly to increase or decrease the dose of medicines taken on a daily basis.

Diet against diabetes

you can develop for yourself, but be sure to show the doctor-dietician. It is important to understand that it is one of the components of health.

For insulin-dependent patients, the physician will choose a special set of products, using which you will not increase or, conversely, do not lower your blood sugar levels. And is a huge stress for the organism, which leads to deterioration of health.

If you follow the instructions of the professionals, you can avoid this condition that can lead to death.

For patients with diabetes type II diabetes diet is very important, because with the help of physical activity and diet can medicines to maintain the blood sugar. A set of such products eliminates sweet fruits, starchy vegetables and fruits, fried and fatty foods, including meats. Refined sugar is replaced with special preparations, flour products are allowed in limited quantity and only using the sweeteners.

Basket of foods for diabetics should contain green apples and pears, grapefruit, fresh cabbage, cucumbers, salad leaves, cooked beetroot and savoury grapes. These ingredients play a major role in metabolism and help remove toxins from the body.

exercise and folk remedies against diabetes mellitus

you should Not lock yourself within four walls. Diabetes afraid of moderate physical activity. But if you feel that you did something extra, always keep cookies. Sharp decline in sugar can lead to coma, from which it is difficult to reach even in a medical facility.

But the doctors against diabetes long walk and morning exercise. You can visit lessons physical therapy, where your condition will be under vigilant supervision of doctors.

should Not abandon traditional medicine, such as blueberry and garlic. But they should not replace medication. Taking in conjunction with tablets, decoctions of the leaves of the mulberry and the olive tree, it is possible to significantly improve the performance of blood sugar.

In the leaves of blueberries contains myrtillin that acts like insulin but it is not as strong as the last. With the help of ginseng, there is an increase in the body's sensitivity to insulin, which type 2 diabetes is retreating.

most Importantly, remember that there is no such means that would completely cure you from illness. But there are medications, exercise, herbs and diets that will help in the fight against diabetes, and improve health when properly used.