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currently there are two types diabetes. This disease refers to diseases that are hard to diagnose. For itdiabetes mellitus in adolescents development there are a number of factors, primarily related to heredity. Also the reason that can cause this disease can serve as an overweight child or adolescent (boys). You should pay attention to the frequency of viral diseases (chickenpox, rubella, infectious hepatitis, influenza), they may also provoke the appearance of diabetes. We cannot exclude such factors as use of certain drugs, which adversely affect the pancreas, as well as the use of alcohol in adolescence (youth) age. Doctors tend to think that diabetes can develop as a result of emotional turmoil or stress.



the Reason for going to the doctor the endocrinologist can serve some of the symptoms and signs that appear in adolescence. There is a whole range of symptoms that are characteristic of diabetes mellitus, regardless of its type. Such symptoms include:

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Prevention of disease in boys

these symptoms are often associated with chronic increase of glucose level in blood, but sometimes, increased sugar, may not have such pronounced symptoms. The most compelling argument for the development of diabetes in adolescents (youth), is considered drastic weight loss and constant feeling of fatigue, itching, the development of pustular diseases of the skin. For a more precise definition of the disease, it is desirable to periodically pass tests on sugar content in blood, as observed at the time of change allow time to begin treatment and to achieve positive results.

If the above symptoms in adolescent (boys), need to urgently see a doctor for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.