Acquired diabetes mellitus

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Children and diabetes mellitu In the last years of the century the number of patients with diabetes mellitus is being updated and stats show most regrettable data that approximately 20% of all patients that suffer from disease of diabetes mellitus are children and adolescents.

Diabetes mellitus is divided into following types:

It should be noted that diabetes always has such "fellow travelers" like coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, < a href = "/ renal-diabetes-and-kidney-failure-in-diabetes">kidney failures and many others associated diseases and complications.

Symptoms of manifestation of acquired diabetes may include: headaches, unusual (high or low) pressure, dry mouth, increased urination and excessive thirst, weight gain or loss of its sharp unfounded. If you find these symptoms, then you should consult your doctor who will prescribe to you certain analyzes and tests (blood analyses to detect glycemic profile, tolerance test, c-peptide and level of glycated hemoglobin).

Insulin-dependent diabetes can treated only with insulin injections. But at the same time treatment of acquired diabetes may be a simple diet or with using of special medical preparations, which depends largely on the severity of the disease carried by patient in each individual case.

If you have acquired diabetes then to protect yourself and your loved ones from the acquired diabetes you just need to follow simple rules:

High-caloric food in diabetes mellitus

You should remember and understand that acquired diabetes is not a sentence, but rather a matter of concern. If the disease manifested itself - think, that there is a possibility that in your life something is wrong! Ask yourself questions about how you eat, move, prone to depression ... If you just answer these questions and if you will little correct your life, you will not be needed to use any medications.

You should agree that following to these simple recommendations will come out a lot cheaper compared to buying expensive drugs and more pleasant in comparison with a constant concern for the measurement of blood sugar.