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acne diabetesdiabetes mellitus is one of the causes of skin diseases, including the appearance of pimples, or acne. Appearance acne diabetes directly related to high content of glucose in the blood. After all, the body tries to withdraw the excess glucose, making maximum use of all water supplies. The consequence of this load will be dehydration, as the entire body and directly to skin.

the Skin becomes hypersensitive, prone to dryness, irritation and peeling. The result is a decrease in protective characteristics of the skin and its inability to regenerate, as well as a favorable environment for bacteria, fungi and viruses.

All of the above together leads to the anomaly of the sebaceous glands, plugging, filling of purulent fluid and, consequently, inflammation, and the result is acne.

Acne diabetes - an indicator not only of endocrine problems in the body. Skin treatment should be carried out in a complex and concerted action not only with my endocrinologist and with a gastroenterologist and a dermatologist. For the most part, with skin problems can be overcome with early diagnosis and timely treatment programs and prevention. The main thing - not to self-medicate, because diabetes is not a disease that you can experiment on your health.

So how to prevent pimples if you have diabetes and what to do to keep my skin could look healthy?

the Main principle in the care of the skin in diabetes mellitus - continuous moisturizing. To choose the means for skin care needs with great care, excluding funds, in which there is alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, flavorings and fragrances. All of these components not only very dry skin, but can aggravate her sore condition. The best option are cosmetic preparations based on natural ingredients, able to deeply moisturize the skin. It is not only creams, but serums, sprays, masks, etc.

Another important principle to be delicate cleansing of the skin, it is not enough to maintain the level of moisture in the skin, it needed to be properly cleaned, to avoid re-occurrence of acne. Diabetics have very sensitive skin, so cleansing should not be with aggressive components, capable of destroying the protective layer of the skin.

it is important to know that any means for skin care should be appropriate to its characteristics (combination skin type, sensitive, oily etc.). Only a correctly chosen remedy can care for her and to prevent the appearance of the rash.

However, you should always remember that the complex daily hygiene of skin in diabetes is the basis of healthy skin. In addition, non-healing wounds after acne - a reason for immediate referral to doctors in order to avoid irreparable consequences not only for skin but overall health.