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acetone in diabetes mellitusWhen the blood of the patient with diabetes mellitus not enough insulin, the body begins to burn protein and fat contained in its cells, and this causes the production of acetone. Ketone bodies begin to poison the patient's body and provoke ketoacidosis, which can be a diabetic coma, and in some cases death. But acetone in diabetes to appear only on the first type of the disease, but when diabetes type of insulin in the patient's blood in excess, and therefore, acetone is not produced.


Acetone in the urine in diabetes mellitus

If the content of sugar in the urine is higher than three percent, it may lead to the appearance of acetone in the body. Such patients need insulin. But acetone may appear in the case when the level of sugar in the blood is lowered. A reducing sugar is called hypoglycemia, and prolonged it in the urine may also appear acetone. In this case, the patient should eat foods rich in carbohydrate. To control the level of acetone in the urine in diabetes mellitus can be at home with the help of tests, indicators and tablets that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. This "Acetones", "Ketostix" or "Ketor-Test". To determine if the urine ketone bodies are also using a five percent solution of sodium nitroprusside and ammonia. If the urine gradually becomes bright red color, it is a sure sign that it is present in the acetone.


the Smell of acetone in diabetes

diabetes acetone in urinemost Often the first symptom, which draws the attention of the patient with diabetes mellitus, is the smell of acetone from the mouth. Due to the lack of insulin, ingested glucose cannot enter the cells begin to "starve" and the unspent glucose accumulate in the blood, produces ketone bodies. When the concentration of ketone bodies in the body increases, unpleasant acetone smell also appears from the skin and urine from the patient. His appearance may be a signal about the early development of hyperglycemic coma that comes with a lack of insulin. This condition develops gradually, the patient pale skin, heartbeat quickens, your pupils constrict, you may experience sharp abdominal pain. The man who felt from the mouth, the smell of acetone, should immediately consult an endocrinologist and to hand over analyses of urine and blood to check the content of sugar and ketone bodies.