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should Start with the fact that the glucometer is a medical device that helps control the level of sugar in human blood. That is, in the first place it is indispensable for people suffering from such illness as diabetes mellitus. Modern models of glucometers so comfortable that using them can even a child. But I would like the most to elaborate on completely different time.


and verify Accuracy of glucose meters

Accuracy and testing of metersTo this device put forward substantive and valid claims, primarily relating to its precision and error. In order to determine the accuracy of meter readings, first is to figure out what's really beneath her to understand. In medicine it is considered an accurate result on the blood levels of glucose, obtained in the home if it is only 20% of results deviating from the reference equipment installed in the laboratories. This figure will not affect the change in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is these 20% are the maximum possible error of meter.

At home independently perform a test to determine the accuracy of the meter is possible by means of the so-called control solution. In its composition is fixed and set amount of glucose varying degrees of concentration, as well as the colorants and the thickeners. Thus, presenting a solution such as blood, you will be able to see the result of the evaluation of sugar content in it your blood glucose meter and then compare it with an original and accurate value.


Self test accuracy

Speaking about the accuracy of glucometers, it is also worth noting that most of the models show the sugar content in the blood plasma, which is approximately 15% higher than the glucose content in the blood, so do not be alarmed to the obtained result of the measurement. Therefore, when buying a blood glucose meter pay attention to its sizing. If you visit ordinary municipal clinic, where observed at the local doctor, you should purchase a glucometer calibrated for whole blood, as it is in such places laboratory results are defined in the same way. If you buy a plasma calibrated meter, for comparison with laboratory parameters will have the result, subtract about 15%.

Test strips

Test strips for glucometer Icheckadditionally, you should periodically test the meter by using the included bundled by the manufacturer of disposable test strips. In this way, you will ensure correct and accurate operation of the fixture. The test strips work by supported on the surface of the enzyme that reacts with blood, thus showing the content of glucose. It should be noted that for each model of glucose meters designed their own test strips.

At the first sign of incorrect and inaccurate operation of the meter it is necessary to conduct some activities on its setting. It should also be understood that many errors and inaccuracies in the meter reading can be caused not only by faults in the system, but also by incorrect handling of the device. Therefore, before using any model of the glucose meter carefully read the instructions for its application and use.

the Modern market of medical devices provides a huge range of glucometers. The most accurate and high-quality models are those that are made in Germany or USA, as these countries pay due attention to manufactured products, so they undergo tests and testing. The most famous and popular models of this class are glucose meters One Touch and Accu Chek, obtained worldwide recognition.

Thus, the quality and accuracy of meter reading is the determining factor when it is selected.