Abortion and termination of pregnancy in diabetes mellitus

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abortion and termination of pregnancy in diabetes mellitusdiabetes significantly complicates the course of pregnancy. However, the fact that the birth of a child may contribute to the development of this disease. If you already have diabetes, you bear a child much more difficult. In some cases, doctors recommend abortion. In the early stages of pregnancy high risk of spontaneous miscarriage.

There are several factors that doctors simply have to advise to terminate the pregnancy. These include poorly balanced diabetes. It can harm not only the woman but also the fetus. Often toddlers at disease mother diabetes of this type are born with defects of the skeleton, diseases of the heart or blood vessels. This phenomenon is called fetopathy.

When planning a pregnancy should take into account which type of diabetes women sick, and whether the child's father. Depends on the probability of transmission by inheritance. So, if the mother has diabetes of the first type and the father is healthy, the risk of getting the child to just 1%. If the type 1 diabetes in both parents, the risk rises to 5-6%. When the mother's disease type II diabetes and healthy father a chance to get a healthy child hovers around 70-80%. If the mother and father the second type of diabetes, the child may be born healthy only in 30% of cases.

Here are a number of complications, at which pregnancy is extremely nezhelatelno:


In all above cases, the pregnancy can kill the fetus and cause serious harm to women's health. Therefore, there is often a pregnancy is interrupted before term. Usually the question of whether to do so individually. Only an analysis of the history of the disease women can give a clearer picture and helps to make the right decisions. However, not all women visit specialists in order to pass the examination. Therefore, the high rate of miscarriages and a forced abortion, when it is difficult to change anything.

Pregnant women with diabetes of any type should be observed by a specialist and regularly check the status of the fetus. Also often recommended a special diet that compensates for the level of glucose in the blood. When planning a pregnancy it is very important to visit an endocrinologist, gynecologist and ophthalmologist.