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Table of glycemic indexesThe glycemic index (GI) reflects the rate of splitting of various products and converting them into glucose in human organism. As the standard of comparison, the rate of cleavage of a particular product, the rate of cleavage was adopted in the body of pure glucose, which has a GI 100. Complete table of glycemic index created by French scientist Montignac indicates glycemic index foods, compared it with the GI of glucose.

French nutritionist Michel Montignac allocates a number of bad products that have a glycemic index above 50. His diet consists of several phases, the first of which the products should be excluded from the diet completely, and only in the second phase group of products that are permitted to be consumed in very small amounts.

Foods that have Glycemic Index (table Montignac) from 20 to 50 are allowed to eat separately from the products, which contain high levels of fat. In this technique a diverse food should be given after time interval of at least three hours.

The most useful are the foods have glycemic index of 15 and less. Their use should not be limited, and their combination is allowed with any other products.

In addition to performing all of the above recommendations, the full table of glycemic index of major products created by Montignac is your faithful assistant.

An important factor is the regular meals at least three times a day, and you should stick fairly hearty breakfast, a moderate lunch and a light and early dinner. It is best to eat at the same time when you have set up the body for a better absorption of food.

In this way you can simply have the feeling to fight famine and you surely will lose extra weight.